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Blossom and Bee Festival

Blossom & Bee Festival

Class / Music / Vendors Descriptions for Blossom and Bee Festival

Times to follow as schedule is developed for the big days!

Yoga by Ladina $15.00 | Maximum of 10 | Saturday and Sunday at 11:00

Ladina teaches yoga with the intention to inspire others to include yoga in their daily life, to show how good it feels, how beneficial it is and that everyone can do it. We learn to be in the present moment and to accept where we are and what we can do; to be kind to ourselves and listen to our body and breathe. Yoga brings a balance into your life.

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Painting by Rose $15.00 | Maximum of 10 Sunday May 26th 11:00

Learn to paint using a palette knife and oil paints. This course is designed for ages 5 and up. It is for all experience levels from beginner painter to more accomplished. All materials are supplied.

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Learn to Paint Blossoms! by Cheryl Peddie $40.00 | Maximum of 10 | 9:00 till 2:00 Saturday May 25 9:00-2:00

Pleine Air oil painting! Enjoy painting outside. Please bring your own paint, easels and painting gear. Cheryl hosts workshops in Calgary & surrounding areas. Come join us and discover (or rediscover!) a love for painting! All her workshops have a few fundamentals: you’ll explore using design, color, temperature, value, saturation, and shape/edges. She also discusses light and shadow patterns, perspective, form and of course, drawing. This workshop is for oils. Check out her website. She has some lovely paintings on line!

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Make your own Fairy Garden by On Earth Greenhouse $20.00 | Sunday and Saturday at 2:00

Soil, pot and moss is supplied. Extras that can be added are décor and plants. Great selection to choose from herbs to petunias to echeverias and higher end. Minimum of 6 registered to make the class a go.

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May 25th, Saturday - 10, 11:30, 1, 2:30 Dara Fensky -  a registered music teacher.  

https://www.pianomelodiesstudio.com1Piano Piano Melodies Studio offers piano lessons in Red Deer. Her philosophy is: "The teacher's job is not primarily to motivate, but to inspire. Music is a gift that is meant to be shared with others.” The studio encourages participation in music festivals, recitals and other performance opportunities as they arise. Playing for fun is always encouraged!

Dara will be playing flute and keyboard and we are so excited to have her participate in our event!

Flute and Bass Musicians

The Lindsay Thurber High School Flute Trio consist of students in grades 10, 11, and 12. 
Sunday only May 26th 1:00- 1:30 and 2:00 - 2:30

They are one of twelve chamber ensembles in addition to the bands at Lindsay Thurber. This group rehearses once a week during the school’s FLEX block between classes. The Thurber Chamber Ensembles are active performers within the Red Deer community throughout the year, performing at various seniors’ residences and community events. They most recently performed at the Red Deer Festival of Performing Arts.

LAUREN SCHOLLIE is a grade twelve band student at Lindsay Thurber High School in Red Deer. She plays the flute and the baritone saxophone. HER BROTHER, EVAN, is a former Thurber band student who is currently studying bass at the University of Alberta. Lauren and Evan are active performers, playing at their church.


10 plus Vendors!

Fireside Winery

They will be sampling and selling their wares! Don’t miss out!

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Fireside Winery

Watering Cans by Cristy

Hand crafted Bead Watering Can

Sun Catchers for your Home or Garden Decor ... Look Beautiful hanging in a Window, Sun room or Patio with a shower of Sparkle and Color they make the perfect gift for your loved ones... Now available with fairy lights. Locally made here in central Alberta!

Watering Cans By Cristy

Pottery by Brenda

A local Trochu potter that has been practicing her craft for a long time! Some exquisite works.

Garden Art by Wendy

This is decorative, outdoor garden art. You need some in your little garden paradise! Find her on FB Wendy’s Whimsy. Her medium is paverpol. You know you need some. LOL!

Garden Art by Wendy Garden Art by Wendy Garden Art by Wendy Garden Art by Wendy

DNA Gardens

Well, we will be a vendor during this great occasion! We appreciate your support. Look for our low sugar fruit explosion jams, fruit leather, fruit cheese cakes, incredible cherry and black currant juice – so tasty but oh so healthy too!

Tours at DnA Gardens

To book, email us at

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ECO Tour  - September / October (during apple picking season)

Groups are split into thirds.

Group # 1
Eco Tour:  This is a fun walking trail with educational fact sheets at each point. There are 7 points with clues that lead to the next point of interest, creating excitement in the search and a sense of accomplishment when completed.  Directional signs with silly jokes help students find their way. A map additionally assists the hunt.  There are Q&A sheets, corresponding to the fact sheets. Students answer their questions as they do the trail. You might call it an open book test!  Expect to take about a half hour. Upon completion of Eco Tour, we will head over to our blind-folded maze. One team member will vocally direct their team through the maze. See which team comes through first.

Group #2 enjoys a wagon ride through the fall orchard, observing the changing season. Students learn about fruit trees and how and why we graft. They’ll harvest some apples and get ready for group #3.

Group #3 takes their picked apples to the fruit press where they press their own juice to take home.

All groups must have adult supervision. $20 per child.
Freshly Picked Apple

Children on Ski Trip

Cross Country Ski Tour - December to March (School group splits into thirds)

Group #1 will ski. To heighten the outdoor excitement, GPS co-ordinates will be given out so each ski group can discover a geo-cache. It is recommended that each group takes and leaves something for the next school. Of course, all is snow and weather dependent. If mother nature is not co-operating, we will do the whole event as a pond skating party. You will need to bring your own skis/skates and equipment. Our ski trails are track set.
Group #2 cooks and prepares an outdoor treat (maybe - chocolate cherry cake) for slow cooking on the fire; clean up and get ready for next group.
Group #3 warms by the fire making and roasting bannock. Cook, prepare, and clean up for next group. Don’t forget to eat your bannock!
Hot chocolate ready for all groups to help stay warm. Dress for weather. All hour-long stations are outside.
Price: $25 per student and adults. All groups must have an adult supervisor.

Blossoms and Bees - May – June

Group #1 enjoys a wagon ride through 12 acres of our orchard of apples, plums, saskatoons, cherries and raspberries. They will learn all about the many types of buzzing – critically important insects hard at work. Observe and learn the importance of pollination and pollinators. Discussion and show-and-tell about native bumble bees, tame honey bees, leaf cutter bees and mason bees. Observe their unique houses. We will have machinery specific to our orchard to show you as well. The wagon ride takes about half hour. We will follow with our eco tour. This is a fun walking trail with educational fact sheets at each point. There are seven points with clues. Each leads to the next point of interest. This hunt is an exciting search. It provides a sense of accomplishment when completed. Directional signs with silly jokes help students find their way. A map additionally assists the hunt. There are Q&A sheets that correspond to the trail’s fact sheets. Students answer questions as they do the trail. You might call it an open book test!  Expect to take about a half hour.

Bee on A Flower  
Tour Group Group #2 will be planting a tree or flower. We can adjust the project to compliment the upcoming Mother’s or Father’s Day. We will have educational fun facts to accompany the plants we plant, and how they tie into our orchard. The children will take their planted seed or tree home.

Group #3 will do a walk-about through the orchard we toured in group one. We will also have a geo-caching adventure for the kids. They can bring a treasure to leave for the next school, and in return take a treasure from the last school. Tour cost: $20 per child. All groups must have adult supervision.

To Whom it May Concern;

DnA Gardens is pleased to be offering fundraisers for your non-profit groups and / or schools. Attached is an example of products we have on hand and suggested retail prices for your consideration.

If you are interest in our fundraiser, please contact our fundraiser coordinator, Sheri at for more information. Here is how it works:
• Meet with your group to decide what month you wish to use for your fundraiser.
• Have an alternative month as we are only doing one to two fundraisers a month depending on group size.
• Contact us for an updated list of products. Remember the sheet given is an example list. Our products change according to season, fruit on hand, and availability.
• Once a month is agreed upon, an updated list will be given to you.
• Go fund raise. You will have two weeks to send out your canvassers. Obtain orders! • We will return products to you for distribution in 2 weeks.

Thank you so much for your consideration. From all of us at DnA Gardens to you,

We hope you enjoy our products.

Cartoon Truck of Vegetables and Fruit