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Farm Store

Farm Store

Necessity is the mother of invention. We have so much awesome fruit here we are duty bound to share it with our friends. Winter of 2018 has seen us super busy converting our old tissue culture lab to a commercial kitchen. And so the fun begins!

Our store and patio are  up and running now!  It is just darling!

Health and nutrition is a real interest of ours here and we aim to use only the best and of course healthiest of ingredients. We have bought a juice press and an apple chopper and a dehydrator and…

Our desire is to develop premium products that have been minimally processed to help preserve most of the natural flavor and health benefits. Oh, yes… great flavor too!

Our Cherry Fruit

100 cherries a day is the amount of fruit that most research is conducted upon. So…. You might say, “100 cherries a day keeps the Dr. away. We are so excited about the healing properties of cherries based on our own experience! 

We offer cherries in many formats to make it convenient to get your 100 a day.

Cherry juice, Cherry kefir juice, Cherry pulp and kefir drink, dried cherries, cherry fruit roll-ups and frozen, pitted cherries. 

Our Trilogy of Good Health

What is the Trilogy? Our trilogy consists of 3 fermented foods which complement each other. They are Kefir, Kombucha and Fermented Vegetables. Gut health is reported to influence so much of our human condition.

Kombucha is a fermented tea using a Scoby which is a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. We have made our own but are happy to serve up a Kombucha bar brewed in Red Deer by Kombrewery.

Kefir is fermented milk which sounds yucky but literally – it grows on you.

Fermented Vegetables are from the recent past. Many of us have made sauerkraut ourselves.

Why Honey instead of sugar? Well it certainly is cheaper to add sugar to our products but honey itself adds tons of minerals, flavor and goodness. Just ask a honey grower – they’ll tell you. LOL

We try to use raw fruit as much as possible… and minimally process. Whole fruits, skins and all help get all those yummy, tasty nutrients.

We try to use Kefir instead of milk or yogurt.

We are so pleased to offer the following in our Farm Store:

Fruit Leathers

Wow!  Have we enjoyed our new dehydrator!  We gather up all manner of fruit and most of them are great.  For those of you trying to reduce inflammation-which most of us should be doing- these leathers are just another way to get extra phyto nutrients (AKA – fruit) consumed.

Dehydrated Fruit

Wow! We made incredible apple chips and beet chips this fall. We have been steadily dehydrating our tart cherries. We add no sugar or oil to these cherries. They have been conveniently packed into a 2 day supply. Remember the rule of thumb: 100 cherries a day keeps the Dr. away. These fruits are useful when on the road.


Fresh squeezed juices like cherry and black currant. Both these fruits are loaded with flavor and health benefits resulting from the high antioxidant and anthyocyanin content.

Kefir Juice Drinks

Just one of the best probiotics out there! It is much more endowed than yogurt. We have developed a fun line of cherry and black currant kefir drinks. These can simply be enjoyed as they are or utilized as a “Gout Buster” or a post exercise drink.


Kombucha is one of our “Trilogy”. Belly up to our Kombucha bar for a fine, bubbly, thirst quenching fruit drink. This kombucha is produced in Red Deer at Kombrewry and is on tap at DNA Gardens. Stop for a satisfying drink or fill up your “growler” and take home some kombucha for the week.

Fermented Vegetables and Fruit

These take a while to get use to but we thought we would start with some easy ones like fermented carrots, pink sauerkraut, Salvadoran Kraut, sweet curried apple relish and Buffalo Kraut.


Ok, we can’t be all fermented vegetables. We use our tantalizing cherries. What can we say except – decadent. Sadly, we are sold out of cherry pie already!  Take home whole frozen pies or whole cooked pies. We invite you to stay and have a slice of pie at the farm. You choose.  We continue on the pie making and have saskatoon, pumpkin and apple.  


We are so excited to present farm fresh gelato mixed with our own fruit! Wow! You have to try this. Take home whole frozen trays for your weekend enjoyment. We invite you to stay and have gelato on the farm. You choose.

Frozen Fruit

Frozen pitted cherry puree  in convenient 1.5 pound containers.

Frozen black currants

Fresh Fruit:

U Pik of course.  We may or may not get picked fruit to our stand. We are kind of busy this time of year. LOL We’ll see.  For sure we will have fresh strawberries available.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Oh yea, we can’t resist trying this!

Farm Restaurant Menu

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Lunch special available.

Farm Fresh pie by the slice (in season)

Farm Fresh Gelato



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