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Delidais Estate Winery

We inherited the spirit of Adventure to dare new things

Our wines are bold and full of character like the
pioneers that came west! Alberta's summer storms,
chinooks and extreme temperatures help develop
the full fruit flavour of our estate wines


Back Breaker

This bold black currant European-style wine invokes old-world craft with new world charm.  Pairs well with lamb, steak, wild game and robust cheese.

Andre Delidais 1916-2004
Andre, Dave's father, broke much of the land in D&A gardens with his father Eugene. They worked the horses then moved to mechanize farming. A strong man, Andre was known to lift 450-pound oil drum


Wild chokecherries grow in the valleys and produce this rich, delightful semi-dry table wine. This wine pairs well with grilled chicken, duck and soft cheese.

Eugene Delidais
Eugene arrived in Canada in 1913 to homoestead, though he had a very useful skill during prohibition, monnoshine prducer. Once, at a train station dock in Elnora, Eugene used an auger and siphon to retrieve his product, right under the nose of a constable!

A well-balanced wine with a trart, crisp and intense cherry flavour, This wine pairs well with pork, wild game and makes an exceptional Sangria.

Eugene Delidais (1881-1969)
Eugene was an orphan faced with a choice,the church or the French Foreign Legion. He became a cavalry man for 17 years and was a gifted artist, forger and tailor. He immigrated to Canada to hone new skills as a homesteader, farmer and bootlegger!

Our rhubarb white wine is crisp, leggy and fun to druink! Enjoy at our next party with famiy and friends.

Walter and Charlie Young (1911)
Our land was homesteaded by Johnny and Eva Young in 1907. Arriving with a team and wagon, they first lived in a tent and then a sod house. In 1913, the Youngs built a two story hoe for the family and discovered it was very expensive to heat so they all lived downstairs during the Alberta winters!

Farm Boy Our saskatoon wine uses beautiful dark purple saskatoon berries to create a delightful blend that tastes like prairie sunshine! This wine pairs well with rich red meats, and hearty stewstews like beef bourguignon.

Dave Delidais (1950)
Can't find Papa? Take a look in the orchard and you will find this humble farmer (without a shirt!) hoeing the saskatoons. When you see him, he is likely working along side a special family member or a pet.

Fearless Hearty orchard apple trees produce this bright and delicious apple table wine bursting with flavour!. Will pair very well with any poultry or salmon-based cuisine. Also, excellent just on its own.

Mrs. Ross (1885-1957)
Every once in a while, you hear of a woman who is fearless. Mrs. Ross homesteaded near D&A Gardens when her husband left to fight in WW1. With three children in tow, she "grabbed the reins" and kept farming. No power, no running water, farming with horses. She was one tough lady.
Sweetheart Our rose is infusted with wild strawberry notes from our farm-grown fruit making this the perfect summer sipper.

Mildred Delidais
Mildred was as sweet as the priairie strawberries but don't let that fool you! A mighty force, Mildred worked caring for family, friends, and the farm. She was a tre prairie girl, loving life on the farm, all from the comfort of her wool socks and gumboots.
Sassy Black This is a balanced blend of our two classic wines: sublte Saskatoon married with the bright boldness of Black Currant. This wine pairis well with flavourful food and marinated meats.

In our historic orchards at Delidaid Estate Winery, crows help themselves to tantalizingly sweet berries - and so starts the timeless dance between these sassy black beasts taunting us from the fruit orchards.


Cavalry Crafted with saskatoon berries, each sip of this saskatoon spirit brings you some of the history that makes our prairie story unique.

Eugene Delidais (1881-1969) For 17 years, Eugene was in the cavalry of the French Foreign Legion. He immigrated to Canada to hone new skills as a homesteader, farmer and bootlegger.

Prairie Life Apple pie in a glass! This versatile spirit uses our prairie grown apples and is perfectly spiced. Use it ito enhance your baking, dessets or just enjoy.

Dave Delidais (1950)
grew up on the farm where today D&A Garens produces 20 acres of tasty, hardy prairie fruit. His childhood "pop gin" was his favourite toy and he spent his free time "hunting"

Prairie Harvest Exploding with amazing tart cherry flavour this spirit originates from the soil farmed by andre Delidais

Dave and Andre Delidais harvesting the grain. Dave recalls his Dad running jumping swaths to get to his truck. Today the orchard is producing tart cherries where those grains once grew.
Grand Trunk With each sip of this black currant spirit, you can enjoy a little bit of the history that makes our prairie story unique.

A steam train crosses the trestle bridge at Trochu. The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway built a line through section 24 where D&A Gardens developed. It forever changed the lives of the settlers. Biuilt in 1911 and filled in with dirt in 1932. Why did they fill it in?