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Apple blossoms !DNA Gardens specializes in cold, hardy apple trees.

Welcome to Our Apple Orchard !

Cold, hardy apples suited to our prairie climate is our specialty.  We have gathered together a very nice collection that produces well and flourishes.  Enjoy your own, homegrown fruit where only your own tender loving care has brought it to your table.


No room? Try an espaulier.

Espaulier is a tree pruned to grow flat on a fence or wall.  Used extensively in Europe.   The effect is attractive and a conversation piece.
Early Season Apples
Norland    Large sweet red apple, fruits heavily at a young age.  Excellent eating, annual producer.  Stores if picked before fully ripe.  Cream coloured flesh. Harcourt   Green washed with red.  Up to 3 inches.  Sweet and hardy.  Excellent eater, a favorite on the farm.
Mid - Season Apple
Alberta Buff  White fleshed apple with green, red blush, large fruit, crisp and juicy. Sharp flavour, Zone 2, non-russeting, non browning.  Long cellar life.  From 1960 University of Alberta breeding program. Alberta Gold  Golden yellow fruit, closely resembles Golden Delicious in size, shape and colour, Zone 3 .
Alberta Red  Handsome, big, shiny, red apple.  Good, crisp eating.  Another rescue from obscurity by Doc E.  Originates from 1960 University of Alberta breeding program. Boughen Delight  Up to 3" , Heavy producer, sweet, juicy apple, Good  fresh, for cooking and storage. 
M360  Good eating, cooking and baking.  Never fails.  Stores well for up to 6 months.  Flourishing in Coaldale and Didsbury.  This apple had some hail damage.  Variety rescued by Robert Davidson.  See our website for the story Norkent  Very hardy, large fruit, crisp, sweet.  Annual producer. 
Prairie Sensation   Zone 3, hardy dessert apple.  Large fruit, green washed with an over-lay of red.  New from the University of Saskatchewan.  
Late Season Apples
Alberta Green 
Doc E found this high quality apple in Stettler, Alberta.  Turns yellow when ripe, mid to late September.  Excellent eating and keeping.
Cream coloured, washed with red when ripe, sweet, slightly acidic and crisp.  Zone 2!  Excellent eating, cooking and keeping.  Thrives in Prince Albert, SK.  Stores up to 20 weeks.  Another favourite! 
September Ruby 
Mid to late September, intense Ruby Red color, Stores well.  Increasing in popularity in the last few years. 
Ottawa 3  This rootstock dwarfs the tree to about 8 feet.  Recommended by the University of Saskatchewan where snow cover is consistent. Vee 3 This rootstock is newly introduced by the University of Guelph.  Very hardy and more dwarfing than Ottawa 3.  Vee 3 dwarfs to about 6 feet. Reported to have some Fire Blight resistance.  If you are a very serious nursery person or orchardist, you may want to read the extensive articles about Vee 3 in the article section.  There is no written report yet, but I am aware of a very scientific trial  conducted for the University of Guelph in the Edmonton area.  Vee 3 survived very well in our climate.
We graft our apples on one of three rootstocks, all produce full size apples.  The third rootstock is a flowering crab.  Tree height is controlled by the rootstock.  Vee 3 and Ottawa 3 rootstock make short trees, fit for small spaces, making them easier to pick and prune. The dwarfing rootstocks are not as hardy as the traditional full size rootstock. (flowering crab) 

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Top photo: Apple blossoms !

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