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Hours: While crop is on.
Thursday to Sunday 10:00 - 6:00 or by appointment.
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Growing Prairie Fruit over
42 years!

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Wholesale fruit


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DNA Gardens is an orchard offering family fruit picking and fruit sales (both large and small). Period. We have roughly 12 acres of land that has become an oasis of fruit with many varieties of cherries, raspberries, black currants, apples, plums, and saskatoon berries.

We tried retiring once but after 40 years of fruit growing but we just can’t let go of all those luscious berries. Not only that, we like it! And….we have cured Dave of gout by feeding him our cherries! Wow! Defying all common sense, we are converting our former tissue culture lab into a food processing kitchen so we might share this incredible harvest of great health and flavour better with you and your family.

Look for our Berry Smart line of fruit juices and fruit kefir blends. We want a premium health conscious product and use only the best ingredients like honey instead of sugar, whole milk instead of skim and tons of our great fruit! Raw fruit and not pasteurized has the most nutrition and flavor. Minimal processing and small batches – that is us.

That being said, we can’t be all hardcore. We will also be serving up scrumptious cherry pie, coffee, sausage on a bun and decadent gelato ice-cream. The bottom line is our newly developing food products are coming in 2018. Come on out to the farm for farm fresh treats! Or pack them down the road with you to your campsite.

There's even a lovely, shaded picnic area in case you want to rest and take in the farm sights.

Our owners, Arden and Dave, have been growing prairie fruit since 1976, and the perfection of their fruit shows their zest and zeal for life and their passion — their prairie oasis of fruit…(and grandkids LOL).

Nutritionally Speaking, Berry Smart Says:

A Ribes (Currant) renaissance is underway in North America! Black currants, highly toted for nutraceutical properties have vitamin C content four times higher than citrus, potassium two to three times more than most fruit and 30 - 40 types of bioflavinoids; much more than most fruits. Consumption of Black currant nectar has shown to benefit the heart and circulatory system, kidney function, liver function and the digestive system.
Berry Smart


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

(403) 773-2489

Hours of Operation
While crop is on:
Thursday to Sunday
10:00 - 6:00 or by appointment.
Check FB for updates.

35344 Range Rd. 230  
Elnora, AB T0M 0Y0

Service Area
Calgary, Red Deer, & Central Alberta

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