Welcome to DNA Gardens


Enjoy the timeless tradition of harvesting your own fruit.

Make it a family tradition and visit our U-Pik fruit orchard.  Plan a picnic!

We have a lazy, shady picnic area.

We are excited about our fruit..... we nurture over 17-different saskatoons, 8 tart cherries, honeyberries and 6-varieties of black currants.

You can't believe our cherries! In Alberta, you say? Even we are impressed! So, come on out and have a relaxed, old-fashioned harvest.
Re-acquaint yourself with your roots! Hope to see you this summer!


What's Happenin at DNA Gardens

Saturday, Aug 15 15 13:50pm
We had a bumper crop in 2015.  Saskatoons are now finished.  Cherries and and black currants still on.  Chokecher… Read More
Monday, Aug 18 14 15:47pm
CHERRIES! CHERRIES! BIG FAT CHERRIES!  These tart beauties fill your bucket quick! Enjoy them in your pies, jams, smoothies… Read More

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Get out your

buckets folks!






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Regular Cherry

Picking Hours

9am - 5pm

7 Days a Week

Currently Available:


August 2014... 

The Cherries are here!



Please check out our weather before heading to the farm.  Bug spray and sunscreen are a must!